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Kol Echad, otherwise known as simply "KE," is Boston University'all-genre

a cappella group, founded as a Jewish group in 1995. As their name implies, they aim to deliver a musical experience that embraces a mix of styles and cultures within the ever-popular collegiate a cappella sound.


The group is a mainstay throughout the Northeast and often sings at universities, including Harvard, Brandeis, Rutgers, and Tufts. Once a year, Kol Echad also takes a week-long tour, bringing a cappella to locations such as Toronto, Arizona, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In 2022, the group had the opportunity to compete at the ICCA Northeast Quarterfinals.


KE has made their mark on the recorded a cappella world as well. Kol Echad's dedication and creativity can be seen in Stam (1995), Oogah (2000), Tchotchke (2001), Songs in the Key of Oy! (2003), Meshuga (2005), Alive (2007), Shesh Besh (2009), One Voice (2011), and Sunshine State (2013), Some Kind of Madness (2015), and Believe (2019).

Diversity Statement

In an effort to foster a community of inclusion and diversity, Kol Echad has pledged to commit to the following ideas for the upcoming semester to create a more inclusive environment within the Boston University A Cappella Community. 

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